How to set an Xbox Splash Screen as your background

One great feature about the Xbox One is that it supports custom background images. You can add any image to your Xbox One background, but it’s best to use an HD wallpaper-type picture.

Xbox Splash Screens as background images

At Xbox Screens, we offer exclusive images from Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Many other Xbox wallpaper sites have screenshots, promotional images and other game-related pictures. But Xbox Screens has captured the images that appear as Xbox One and Xbox 360 games load. These images are called splash screens and must be captured using external hardware. The “Xbox, take a screenshot” and “Hey Cortana” features can’t be used to record splash screens, only in-game images.

We’ve used a high-definition HDMI capture device to record the splash screen loading images so you can finally use them as Xbox One and PC background wallpapers.

Xbox screenshots as background images

You can use any screenshot saved on your Xbox One as a background image. To do this:

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select All Settings.
  4. Go to Personalization, and then select My color & background.
  5. You can now select Achievement Art, Screenshots or Custom images from a thumb drive.

Using Splash Screen loading images as your background wallpaper

Many people wonder if they can use one of the amazing Xbox 360 loading images as their background picture. These “loading screens” are called splash screens, and can only be used for your Xbox wallpaper if you have the image saved to your Xbox.

Unfortunately, you need the previously mentioned capture device to save the images, and we’ve done that for as many games as we can.

To use an Xbox 360 or Xbox One “loading screen” image as your background, browse our splash screen images (you can browse by game title or platform) from a computer and click on the picture you want. You should see a “1920 x 1080” text link. Click on that. Now you may right-click and save the image to your computer. Save the image to a thumb drive.

Finally, follow the above instructions to set the image as your Xbox One background.