Shantae: Half-Genie Hero splash screens and HD wallpapers

Splash Screen

Title screen

Shantae and the spelling mistake. Whoops!

World Clear!

Mermaid boss fight

A Magnetic Field

A case of the olds!

Vicious, Vile, and VainTechno Baron

The Swim Team

The final pieces…Rotty


Shocking Encounter!Abner

Shantae versus the Important Squid Baron

Ret-2-Go!Shantae in nightgown

Relic SeekerShantae

Relic HunterShantae

Relic CollectorUncle

Race to the TopSky and Wrench

Pummeled PirateRisky Boots

Not selling you snake oil.Shantae

Mining for MineralsShantae

Master of UnlockingSquid Baron

Half-Genie, all Hero!

Guardian GenieThe cast

Fully FormedShantae

Force of DarknessRotty

Finders KeepersEvil Shantae

Fan FavoriteThe Mayor

Double Trouble

Don’t call it that!Risky Boots


Champion of LightSky

Brain Basher

An act of foul playAmmo Baron

Magic Carpet Ride

In it to win it!Rottytops

Inventor’s AssistantShantae’s Uncle

Key to my HeartThe mayor