Xbox Splash Screens, HD Wallpapers, & Screenshots


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Please enjoy these high-res game screenshots. They make great desktop wallpapers. Here are a few of my favorites.

Dead Space splash screen (Xbox 360 backward compatible)deadspace

Batman: The Telltale Series splash screen (Xbox One)


Fast & Furious splash screen (Xbox One)forza-horizon-fast-furious

All of our Splash Screens and screenshots are captured in full 1080p HD resolution. This makes them suitable for wallpaper backgrounds on nearly any device.

All Splash Screens and wallpapers are recorded directly, not using the Xbox built-in screenshot function. Many of the images are exclusive to, since no body else has captured them before. The “Xbox, take a screenshot” feature doesn’t allow for capturing splash screens, so they must be captured over HDMI directly to maintain full HD resolution.

If you didn’t find what you are looking for, sorry. We can only direct capture games that we have access to, and we don’t have access to all games. :/ If you have high-quality captures of splash screens or in-game screenshots, contact me through the website and I’ll give you credit for any images you contribute.